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Faculty of Architecture
University of Lisbon - 2013/2014

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final result

Context & Goal

This is a project I developed in my 5th year of University.

Initially it started with a concept for a rental system of bicycles in the city of Lisbon, doing research, I found out that a recent equal project was being developed. For this reason, I adapted my project and decided to focus on electric tricycles.

E-Trike is a concept of a tricycle rental system, developed with the goal of creating an economic and ecological system of individual urban mobility for short and medium distances in the city of Lisbon.

It should help reduce the excessive use of cars in order to avoid traffic congestion, help creating a more dynamic and fun lifestyle and respond to the economic crisis by reducing the cost of transportation.


Brief context of urban mobility, sustainability & legislation

 - Global urbanization continues to grow. According to Bill Ford in 2011 there were about 800 million cars;

- The car within the big cities, although comfortable, it turns out to be disadvantageous at an economic, environmental and social level. It pollutes, congests cities, creating difficulties in accessing essential goods such as health and food.

- The narrow streets of Lisbon, with a steep slope, make the use of bicycles tiring and more dangerous since there are few places with cycle paths. It is rare to see cyclists in Lisbon compared to cities like Milan and Paris.

- In 2011 the world's ecological footprint was 1.2 planets, in 2022 it grew to 1.75. “We’re filling up the world with amazing devices and systems - on top of the natural and human ones that were already here” (Thackara, 2011).

- According to European law, an electric vehicle with an engine not exceeding 250 W or 0.34 HP and whose electrical assistance system does not exceed 25 km/h, does not require registration and license (Ezee Electric Bicycles, 2011 ). To ride the bicycle at night it must have: a white light at the front, a red light at the back and a red reflector visible at least 50m (Legal Notice 129, 2004).

Analysis of the social situation


Vehicle design : Scooter and similar vehicles

For this research I used information from diverse single transport services, such as tricycles and bicycles, due to the similarity in the technologies. Below I will show you a small part of this research.







Safety: Lockers