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Miazzo Elite Italia

Mountains Luxury Hotel .
 2018 / 2021

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final result


Miazzo Elite Italia has developed several projects for this 4 star Hotel in Trentino-Alto Adige, the collaboration started in 2018. Since then, we have developed several suites for this client. We created a rustic but luxurious design that fits the Hotel environment, resulting in a cosy and warm environment perfect for a romantic weekend.

Concept & Process

After understanding the client's goals, budget, and taking measurements, the next step was to create a moodboard that captures the essence and style of the design. For this client, we came up with a completely different style: a mix between the rustic of the mountain with all the comforts of a rich interior.

After the moodboards, we developed some concept sketches and simplified views. Once the design was confirmed, we proceed to final technical drawings that gave birth to beautiful and authentic suits.

Mock-up samples

This is a sample of a concept mock-up developed for the 2 suites. We took as inspiration a set of images  and developed a tailor-made unique design. Once the style was confirmed, detailed technical drawings were developed.

Image 1: Wardrobe sketched by hand and painted in Photoshop.

Image 2: Project Moke-up

Final Result

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