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Miazzo Elite Italia

Luxury Retreat . Italy
2017 / 2021

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Miazzo Elite Italia has developed several projects for this 5 star retreat in Trentino-Alto Adige, the collaboration started in 2017. We developed several suites, reception, restaurant, reading room, lobby, bar and balcony area. This Luxurious hotel (adults only) it's a peaceful place, for healing, well-being, and longevity! Miazzo always takes into consideration it's values, developing beautiful and comfortable interiors, providing its guests with the best possible experience.

Concept & Process

After understanding the client's goals, budget, and taking measurements, the next step was to create a moodboard that captures the essence and style of the design.

Taking as a guide Miazzo's furniture  and the hotels style and goals, we started by presenting tailor made simple frontal views of the possible solution that best fits the client's goals. This solution then was adjusted, until the design was approved.

Mock-up samples

This is a sample of a concept mock-up developed for one of the suites. We took as inspiration a set of images (moodboard) and Miazzo's furniture and developed a tailor-made design. Once the style was confirmed, detailed technical drawings were developed.

These are a sample of a concept mock-up developed for the reception and balcony. 

Final Result

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