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Wave Outdoors seat

Politecnico di Milano - 2012

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final result


Context & Goal

This is a project I developed in my 3rd year of University, during my Erasmus in Politecnico di Milano. 

The goal was to design any object of our choosing that would help  intensify the quality of reading.  After research, the object I selected was any type of seating furniture. 

The context I chose for my project was: A private house or garden, to be used indoors and outdoors, to be used for multiple purposes (not just reading) and to be shared with loved ones.




How can I intensify the quality of reading?

Nature means life, it's simple, quiet, peaceful, it promotes relaxation. All types of people enjoy nature just like all types of people enjoy reading, from all backgrounds and all ages.

How can I create a personal and comnfortable place for reading, that fits everyone, the whole family? There is nothing like Home.


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final result

study of form


ergonomic shape that follows the human body lines

diversity of positions so that the user can change location and share it with others


a minimal and intemporal design that fits both interiors and exteriors


Final Result

An ergonomic bench that fits many contexts, for outdoors and indoors. A minimal design with natural and ecological materials. A social design that you can share with others, you can even use the space underneath for storage or for your cat! It's simple to produce and assembly, the plywood pieces are cut on a laser machine and finished with an outdoor varnish to protect it from water and humidity, finally, everything is joined with aluminium tubes, that are light weighted and don't overheat under the sun.


Available in 3 different types of wood.

laser cut / scale 1 : 10

wave in garden.jpg
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